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i asked ppl to send me videos of them being “single” (and possibly ready 2 mingle) this is the interpretation i came up with via new hive

7 pages total/click around

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Bots - talking amongst themselves - via

A twitter conversation between two bots (@oliviataters and @notkeithcalder) was picked up and intercepted by the Bank of America bot account. This is twitter bot culture sans humans. 

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"vegan pussy tossbag sheeple" is my new favorite insult

"vegan pussy tossbag sheeple" is my new favorite insult

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Real talk with Sarah

Real talk with Sarah

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greeting card series 1, 2014


greeting card series 1, 2014

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these screencaps all come from a magnificent documentary on YouTube titled “the real Brownsville documentary.” by user stantheman718.

here’s his description: “man show’s where he’s from in brooklyn new york this documentary is to show you how brownsville is so you can get the real side it’s not just bad i filmed this video by his self so he can’t show ya’ll for all the copyrighting people it’s all good at the end of the day i shot this video put it on youtube with my laptop thank you for doing that you showing me you care about this video thank you this is the real brownsville documentary.”

it’s a sort of free-form short documentary about the neighborhood brownsville in brooklyn, directed and edited by a kid named clifford who lives there and, by my terrible estimation of these kinds of things, couldn’t be older than 12 or so. when I say this thing is amazing I don’t want a pat on the back for digging out and publicly revering some random documentary by a kid on youtube. I want you to watch it because it’s amazing. Seriously.